Monday, May 10, 2010

Love Letters (4 year old style)

To Jackson..
I love you, you are cute and I love your parties.
Love Ebony

Dear Ebony,

I know you are in Perth but I want to go to Perth and play with you. I'm gonna play a game today.

Love Jackson

To Jackson,
I want you to come to Perth and play with me. I love you.
We can play duck, duck, goose together with Ashton's toys.
Love Ebony

Dear Ebony,

Last week I was being super fast because I was in a super fast mood. We went to someone's birthday yesterday and her name is baby poppy. I've got a remote control dinosaur but we cant play with it anymore because the batteries are flat. I want you to come and play in Melbourne. When some people come for a sleepover I sleep on my top bunk and they sleep on the bottom. Do you want to come for a sleepover?
Love Jackson xx

Dear Jackson,
Today I had a bike ride and I was super fast too and I didn't fall off. I was a speed demon on Mathletics today too, before that I was a junior giant.
It doesn't matter because you can put new batteries in your dinosaur.
(typing by Ebony...)
and on my birthday i got a lepod (leopard) and i love it.
i do wont to have a sleepover love ebony

Jackson: We better tell her that we have to put the same battery back in but we need to find the charger.
We better tell her that I have a baby sister called Millie and we are having another baby and we had another baby too called Lola but she died.
Tell her I would LOVE to come to Perth. I have a boyfriend called Zac and hayden and lachlan and I have girlfriends called Maya and grace and charlie.

love Jackson

Dear Jackson
Its not nice that your baby Lola died.
I hope you love her.

*A couple of weeks ago, on a sunday, I woke up to find an email in my inbox for Jackson from his friend in Perth. The day was spent writing to each other and waiting with much anticipation for the replies. The emails were written exactly as dictated to us mums. I thought it was really lovely that Jackson was able to tell his friend in a letter about Lola as he doesn't ever mention her to friends normally.


Davina said...

Aww they are just the cutest ever! I love how Ebbie got all serious in her last note.
We must write again :) xx

Jodie W said...

Aw, that is just beautiful! :)