Monday, November 29, 2010

Road trippin

We went on a ten day babymoon* to Anglesea, right at the start of the Great Ocean Road, in our caravan. Many mentioned they thought this was an ambitious plan with a newborn and it kinda was but only because lil Lucy worries me a lot with her health issues. We were unable to take her outside the caravan hardly at all as her eczma became so bad and was agravated by the beach it seemed. I'm glad we went though. The big kids had such a great time and it was really nice to see them so carefree and loving the freedom staying in a caravan park can afford kids.

I must admit that I have been fairly certain that I have post-natal depression/anxiety. I have been feeling consumed with fear about every little thing. Lucy sleeping, awake, feeding, not feeding, vomiting, her skin, a cough, it all sends me into a panic. As well as the rest of my family like when I couldn't spot Brendon out in the surf. However today feels like a new start. It is our first day home and Lucy suddenly looks to me like she is thriving and i feel a lot more relaxed about us all. It could be an avoidance tactic as I really don't want to talk to my doctor or MCHN about how I have been feeling, I feel a bit embarassed and I guess I also dont want to face up to the possibility.

*Babymoon - like a honeymoon but after a new baby is born rather than after your wedding

By the way, it is kinda hard to keep up with my writing with a newborn as well as two big kids. I am BUSY BUSY BUSY!!!!

This photo is from right after Lucy Rose joined us earthside! It is a teaser and a promise that my next post will be her birth story. It was AMAZING!!

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Melissa said...

sending big hugs to you my lovely friend. I can relate to your post. I am constantly worrying about Tabitha also. She is never far from me.

You are AMAZING and doing a wonderful job. xxxxxx