Saturday, March 26, 2011

My night time visitor

Lucy woke last night for a feed at about 2am, nothing unusual about that.

I retrieved her from her cot and brought her back to bed with me. We snuggled down and got on with the business of filling her belly.

At about 2.30am I felt a weight on my foot at the end of the bed. It felt just like Millie had snuck into our room and was standing at the end of our bed about to launch herself up so she could squeeze herself in between us. Again, nothing unusual about that.

I whispered her name and told her to climb in, except there was no other movement, just the weight on my foot.

I whispered her name again and asked if she was ok. Again, nothing. I looked down at the foot of our bed and to my surprise I saw nobody there and the weight on my foot was gone.

I just lay there for a moment and thought about that feeling, it was definitely there and now it was definitely gone. I smiled to myself as I had a feeling I knew who it was.

I snuggled Lucy into me and carried her back to her cot. I also checked the kids beds along the way and just as I suspected everyone was fast asleep.

This is what I have been longing for the last 22 and a half months and finally she came through for me. I am a happy and content Mummy today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life is about to get a whole lot busier

I got a job!!!!!

It is the job I have been hankering after for the past couple of years but, obviously, the timing was never quite right.

I am very excited and a lot scared and nervous about how on earth I am going to survive this juggling act. Since having children I have never worked more than two days a week, now I'll be working four days a week, albeit four shorter working days. Bren and his mum will be holding down the fort two days a week and the girls will be going to creche two days a week.

Please dont judge me! It is breaking my heart that I have to leave my baby, I am doing it out of necessity. When we bought our house we figured in one lot of maternity leave but not two.

Throw any tips my way on how to keep all the balls in the air at the same time. I have two weeks to organise as much as I possibly can!