Thursday, December 22, 2011


2nd day of my holidays
Last day of prep (waaaa)
Three days until Christmas
Last day of kinder
Last day of crèche
One month of holidays!!!!!!
Sunshine, beach, family, sleep ins, lazy lunches, presents, drinks, late nights, play dates, parties.

Everything is coming up roses

Friday, December 9, 2011

This weekends to do list

Wake up slowly, drink coffee, read the paper, let the kids choose our baking project, put the kids in charge of grocery shopping for said baking project, take a slow walk to the supermarket, enjoy the storms, watch a christmas movie, cover my baby in kisses, dance with my girls and boy, pash my husband, write christmas cards, wrap presents, eat watermelon, attend carols by candle light, snuggle under a rug, stay up late, get up early, hang the washing on the clothes line, dont answer my phone, dont check my emails, keep an eye out for santa, colour in, build with lego, forget work, plan summer holiday activities, have a water fight, got to bed early.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Disco Dayze part 2

Where was I?

Bren - is looking super hot at the moment. He has been working like a machine to get healthy and fit. When the man decides to do something, he bloody well does it. Seriously, his sudden commitment to this has been spectacular to watch. He is working really hard at home and work. Bren seems to have an issue with sitting still, he can't do it. He is always fixing something or making something or rewiring something or tidying something. It really does drive me up the wall, bonkers! Just sit for a bit man. The thing I love most about Bren is that he is one of the kindest men I know. He will do anything for you and people just feel 'at home', instantly, with him. You know those people who as soon as you meet them you feel like you have known them forever? That's my man. And did I mention he got my initial tattoo'd on his arm too? OK, so not JUST my initial, all of our initials down his forearm - KJMLL. How sweet is that! I love him dearly for the wonderful man that he is.

Me - I have been trying to take better care of myself too and technically I should be feeling healthy and energetic but considering the care I have been taking, I dont feel that good physically. Three pregnancies in three years has really taken it's toll on my body. Over a year since I was last pregnant I am still feeling the effects of it and don't feel like my body has fully recovered. I am determined to regain my strength though and I am willing to take my time in doing so.
I love my job, it brings me a lot of satisfaction, and helps us pay the bills. I have to admit though that my favourite daydream fantasy is to quit working, take Lucy out of creche and take care of my family full time. However if I have to work then this is the job I want to be doing.

We have had a lot of good times over the last few months. Admittedly we still have sad days or moments. Just last week actually I had a day that just kept coming up 'Lola'. These days are a lot easier to cope with now though. Lola is a part of our every day life now too. It was hard to imagine that would be possible two years down the track, in the early days. But she really is. The kids mention her all the time. I've heard Jackson's friends at school mention her because he must talk about her to them. Millie has been asking lots of questions about her and trying to work it all out. Whenever someing unexplainable happens one of us will always mention that 'it was Lola' or 'Lola is visiting' or sometimes we just feel her close.

P.s. The disco was so cute tonight. Not a lot of dancing so much running around playing chasey. He did bust a move every now and then though. *melt*