Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Disco Dayze part 1

We've been pretty awesome really, you know, considering.

Lucy is hilarious and gorgeous and damn hard work at the moment. When she is in good form she has us in stitches. When she is not in good form she is more than a handful. I have never experienced a baby with as much attitude as our littlest. But she has us wrapped around her little finger and noone is more smitten than Jackson. He is crushed if she ever denies him a kiss or cuddle. Millie doesn't even have to work for it though, Lucy gives them to her on the smallest of whims.

Millie is adorable a hundred times over. She got glasses a few months ago. Since then her persona seems to have changed a little. She seems like less of a cheeky monkey and more of a cuddly, little sweetheart. Her smile lights up her entire face and brightens all around her. It is completely infectious and almost permanently on tap. Last night as Bren and I cooked the BBQ, Millie suddenly let out a blood curdling, terrifying scream that didn't end. Jackson came running out to us sceaming that there was something on Millie and I came running. I envisioned a huntsman crawling up her leg as only something that large and scary looking could warrant a scream like that. But no, I examined Millie's leg as she sat quivering on the couch, white as a ghost, and saw only the tinyest speck of a black dot. It was moving so it was a bug but it was so tiny that I couldn't even make out any legs. Millie in a nutshell - sweet, loving, affectionate, girly to the core and terrified of bugs!

Jackson has come such a long way this year. School has been the making of him. He has lost so much of the little anxieties that plagued him last year. He is confident, popular, clever, super handsome and much to my delight has retained so much of his little boy innocence despite now being in primary school. He sleeps on the bottom bunk some nights especially so he can snuggle up with us when we put him to bed. He'll swing a leg up onto mine, put his little arms around my neck and push his nose up against mine. My heart melts a hundred times over. He is so very sensitive to peoples feelings and is very conscious of doing the right thing. He is a wonderful big brother. Jackson and his friends always take care of Millie when she is around for any of their adventures and as I mentioned earlier, he is a sucker for his baby sister, whatever Lucy wants, she gets. Tomorrow is tipped to be one of the highlights of motherhood - I get to chaperone at Jackson's first school disco. I could almost wee my pants I am that excited!

Part 2- mine and Brendon's updates coming soon.

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