Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have you ever...

wanted to do something that you know MAY turn pear-shaped but could be JUST the thing you need at the time? Something like take your baby out of their cot while they are sleeping because the idea of sleepy snuggles is oh so sweet?

We did just that last night and it was so worth it!

Brendon was in a 'lola missing' kind of mood after a looong, cold and lonely train ride home last night. The sadness he was feeling was so clear when I spoke to him on the phone but I knew what would cheer him up. Jackson had fallen asleep in our bed with me (we watch tele in bed together when Bren isn't home). I would usually move him back to his bed before Bren arrives home but he looked so cute and snuggly I decided to leave him there. When Bren finally arrived home he got into bed with us and we snuggled our boy and marvelled at just how beautiful he is. Bren carried him back to bed and we kissed him goodnight. As we were walking past Millie's room I felt an overwhelming urge to get her up for snuggles too, so we did! Millie is not quite as sleepy as jackson and so the moment we lifted her out of her cot she woke up and we snuck her back to our bed. We put her in between us and Oh My Goodness she looked like the cat who got the cream! She had a great big smile on her face and put an arm around each of us. It was such a sweet moment and Daddy was happy again! Jackson and Millie are good like that!


Sarah. Splish Splash Designs said...

That sounds so lovely. They always seem so snuggly and warm in the night, huh?
My husband was away last night, so my 3 year old slept with me and it was sooo lovely to have him sleeping there :)

Lover of Little Things said...

awwww *sniff*
Thank goodness Lola has such adorable siblings to warm your hearts at the times you need it most.
Much Love to ya'll.

Davina said...

Where is the like button on this page?!? Little people cuddles make everything so much better xxx