Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not so bad...

I am 33 weeks pregnant today. I had my weekly check up at the hospital and as we were driving away I realised that I was feeling happy, excited and kinda calm.

I didn't expect to be this calm this late in the pregnancy. I expected to be a bit of a mess actually! I could quite easily be a mess but I believe my calmness is largely due to the amazing way I am being treated by the hospital. I just can not fault them. Nothing is too much trouble. There is an appointment for me with a doctor and including a scan AS OFTEN AS I NEED! I have been told over and over again that I can come in ANY TIME for monitoring, that ensuring my anxiety is alleviated as much as possible is the priority and the doctors are on top of everything.

Our baby girl is growing beautifully, she looks strong and everything looks healthy in there. I believe that all bases are covered and that we are being given the best possible chance of having a breathing, healthy baby in our arms in 5 weeks time.

I finish work this week *happy, happy dance* and I am really looking forward to spending lots of quality one on one time with Jackson and Millie and my friends.

Life is good!

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