Tuesday, October 5, 2010


About a month ago I received an email from my friend organising for us girls to all get together for a lunch. I was super excited. My friends mean the world to me, time spent all together is difficult to organise but invigorates me like nothing else, I love my girls. The timing was perfect too, just a couple of weeks before the baby would be here, so hopefully the energy from that day would bounce me through to the birth of our baby. So I marked it in the diary, made doubly sure Brendon would not be working and looked forward to the day.

A minor spanner was thrown in the works when the Grand Final drew the week before meaning it would be replayed on the saturday of our girls lunch. Brendon didn't really seem to care though and didn't make any plans for the replay other than to maybe watch it at another friends house who also had his daughter in tow. Brendon was extra generous and offered to drive me in to the city, and then he was keen to come in and say hi to all the girls, I did think this was a little unusual but didn't really think too much of it.

As we were walking towards the pub I saw the lovely friend who had organised the lunch, Liv, and waved and then I noticed who she was with, our friend Ruth who now lives in Canberra, instant tears, squeals of delight and hugs. She had caught the bus down from Canberra to lunch with the ladies. I was so impressed with her effort and it was such a lovely surprise. We headed inside where I assumed there were others as we were a little late.

As we were walking in Liv was holding my arm and I was trying to tell her the latest with the pregnancy, she was trying to tell me that the day was actually a surprise baby shower for us! When it finally clicked what she was saying I looked over in the direction we were headed and at a beautifully decorated table was our nearest and dearest friends, SURPRISE!!!! (Cue many more tears from me)

WOW, WOW, WOW, The day was perfect, we just had such a nice time with all of our amazing friends (even the Collingwood supporters, ha). I finished the day feeling so supported, it just feels like there are so many people behind us, helping us to get to this finish line and the truth is, it hasn't been easy being our friends over the past 18 months, having to witness what we have been through in that time is hard, confronting and sometimes a bit scary but they have been there every step of the way. True friends! We are forever grateful!

For liv xx


Tenielle said...

Tsk, you can't have fun with Collingwood supporters, what are you talking about? :p

Just kidding, of course. I'm glad you had fun with your friends, and what a lovely surprise that was! Sounds like you have some great friends there :)

Melissa said...

what wonderful friends you have hun.. that bought tears to my eyes reading it..