Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Big Question

What is it like giving birth when the last time you did just that the baby had died?

I have been thinking about this and wondering. Will being in labour take me back to the grief and trauma of Lola's birth and if so how do I push through that in order to focus on this labour?


Jenn said...

That's the eternal question... I suppose the one thing that comes to mind is that just in the same way you found that little piece of inner strength to get through Lola's birth, you will find that same inner strength to focus and push through. Thinking of you! xxx

Anonymous said...

I certainly cannot even attempt to answer your first question but i will have a go at the second.

I think, the more your contractions come on and the more you and bubs are monitored, then the more and more confident and excited you will become about having your bubs in your know, in between wanting to strangle Bren and everyone else in the room that is.

I have no doubt you'll be great and that you will pull that same strength, if not more, than when you gave birth to Lola.


Thinking of you guys with loads of excitement, and sending mega strength your way.
PS-soooo love that song!!!