Sunday, April 3, 2011

warts and all


Gayle said...

Awfully nice warts though! :P

Couldn't help but think as I watched it that every 20 seconds or so you are kissing, cuddling or just revelling in Lucy.
You may feel that at times that can be tested with things like the possibility of not going to hospital, but far out, you are such a gorgeous, comfortable mother. xxoo

melissa said...

I agree with Gayle. You are a beautiful mother.

I think all those feelings are completely normal - especially after what you've been through.

Hello to gorgeous Lucy!

D said...

Oh I just LOVED seeing you both on screen xxxx
Im late watching this so sorry to hear that little Lucy was unwell, she sounds so snuffly. Hopefully she has much recovered now.
Totally hearing your words and love that the childrens hospitals are there and that we are so blessed to have access to them at any time.

Jenn said...

You are the least drama queen type person I know :-)

Big hugs, thanks for sharing and Lucy is soo bootiful xx