Monday, March 5, 2012


Reading - Twilight (I know, embarrassing right. I call it research)

Watching - New Girl (Zooey is my favourite actress)

Listening - Lana Del Rey (controversial I know)

Training - for our upcoming surfing adventure (you need to be strong to surf, well certainly stronger than I)

Planning - A big night out for my birthday (ok maybe not that big, I can not party like I used to)

Excited - about my 5 day weekend

Sad - That I will not be sharing a single one of those days of with my love

Reminiscing - about our sunny summer days swimming and lounging and socialising

Procrastinating - instead of preparing for tomorrow

Dreading - Winter

Freaking out - about the creepy sounds coming from the walls of our house

Amused - by that cute photo up there. It has absolutely no relevance to this post.

Bittersweet - Autumn, the season of Lola.


melissa said...

Look at those beautiful smiles - all three of you! :D

melissa said...

Sorry Kristalee, when I commented earlier there was only the first photo, no words. Thinking of you, and Lola. That's a lovely photo of your husband and Lola. xx