Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some days

Some days the strength of my missing takes my breath away. Often on the days that should be the happy days, like today. I should be happy today but I find myself sitting with a feeling of emptiness in my heart.
Last night before sleeping I felt flutters in my belly. It was just like there was a baby in my belly. I couldn't possibly have been feeling what I thought I was feeling yet it felt exactly like that. I thought of Lola. I felt Lola moving in my belly always as I drifted off to sleep at night.
I miss you, tiny girl.


E. said...

Just wanted to say I am thinking of you. So glad your little jellybean is looking good.

Anonymous said...

came across ur blog, sorry for ur loss, can u tell me what happened, i mean if the baby had WHS, or what, i have a child with WHS, and connecting with others, u can email me at

Melissa said...

I'm thinking of you beautiful girl. You birthday sounded like mine did (without the flutters though)...

I think Lola's keeping a close eye on here mama and making sure she's ok..

love ya