Friday, June 4, 2010

I am back...

at a place of acceptance. I am feeling grateful for what I do have. Jackson, Millie and Lola just couldn't be any cuter. Jackson and Millie fill my days with sweetness, kisses and cuddles and Lola reminds me to be in the moment, right there with them all.

I have been remembering lately the lessons I learnt in the beginning. I have been remembering that life is precious and when things are going along nicely, well you just have to be happy and grateful for that moment.

Sometimes I do forget to stop and smell the roses, sometimes I get so caught up in the grind of juggling work, and a family that I get grouchy and impatient(and I yell) and then something will remind me to slow down and take those moments to enjoy what is here and right in front of me.

Take those moments and treasure them, enjoy them, relish those hugs and kisses and smiles and the preciousness of what you DO have.

Have a lovely weekend my friends xxx

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Anonymous said...

You have a lovely weekend too! Thanks for the reminder to take time to appreciate the little things.