Saturday, June 19, 2010


Brendon pointed out that the quote below was using information from 1989, over twenty years ago. Fair point! A lot can happen in the medical world in that time so I did some more research and the latest I was able to find was from 2005 but it was still saying the same thing, pregnancy after uterine embolisation is rare and if it does occur the risks of miscarriage and stillbirth are high.
When I was pregnant with Lola I was so worried as to what the impact of the embolisation would be, i was so worried that I asked a number of doctors over my first few appointments. All of these doctors either dismissed my concerns on the spot or consulted with another doctor who assured us it would be fine. Noone went away and consulted the literature or previous cases. I feel a fire begin to spark inside.
what would you do?

I spoke to a lawyer last year about our case and she told us what the process would involve, and it sounded horrendous! We would have to undergo psychological testing to find out just how 'affected' we are by Lola's death, compensation would be based mostly on the financial cost of losing Lola on our family and the final comment that put my off? "Are you receiving counselling?", "Yes, I am", "Good, that will look good". The whole process just sounds more than I can cope with and with the courts putting little value on the life of an unborn baby, it hardly seems worth it!


Heather said...

Jesus. I mean i suppose they have to put a value on it somehow, have a way to 'measure it' but still, Christ.

D xx said...

I guess it becomes more about making the doctors accountable rather than compensation which of course would never be enough to make up for losing your little girl.

I am sick of having concerns fobbed off by the medical experts, you know sometimes we know a little bit about our own bodies and we put a bit too much trust in DRs who ultimately are not held accountable for their actions - or should I say lack of actions.

If I was you I would be kicking up a storm at your next appointment. Your monitoring needs to be constant and in depth not just a quick pee on a stick and blood pressure test.

Love ya lots xx

Jack's Mummy said...

We are going through the same thing at the moment. We are hoping that we dont have to have the 'psychological evaluation' something that our lawyer said may not have to happen. But it is hard and at the end of the day its not going to bring him back. But we felt we had to go through with it for Jack's sake.
Either way you chose to go, I wish you love and peace x0x0