Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Play in the Park for Lola

Sunday was totally special, amazing and wonderful. Lots of friends, laughter, playing and loving our little people.

We raised $370 for the Bonnie Babes Foundation, donated in Lola's name.

Everyone checked out the gorgeous album of Lola photo's (so much better printed out) and I believe they made the day so much more special!

I actually forgot my camera on the day (I know, how bad am I!) but one of our wonderful friends sent me through some. This is the only one I can post as the others have children in them that dont belong to me.

Sunday (and the weeks leading up to it), gave me a great boost of strength for starting back at work yesterday. (I really needed it!)

So THANKYOU to all the wonderful people who followed through on their promise for a photo, all the amazing friends and family who showed up and made us smile on Sunday, who donated money to Bonnie Babes in Lola's name AND brought yummy things to share. We are so lucky to have YOU in our life!
All our love, Kristalee, Brendon, Jackson, Millie and Lola xxxxx

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Puggie said...

I'm so sorry we could not make it - but I am glad so many family and friends were there for you :) Well done on the fundraising, too!