Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A tree for Lola

We have two christmas trees this year.
A family tree AND another little tree just for lola.
The kids made little decorations for her, I am making one for her and my step mum had one made for her. Another blogland friend is sending one for her. (Check out her blog, it is soo pretty)
I am hoping our family include Lola in our christmas celebrations. I have realised that that is the best way I will get through Christmas, if she is remembered in some way, her name is mentioned and it is recognised that one important, special little person is missing. Even if this happens I cant promise I wont cry a few tears but that's ok right? Surely it is ok for a mumma to cry a few tears for her baby that is not with her at Christmas, one less stocking hanging, no presents needing to be bought for her, one less child to make happy on THE day that is all about the little people.
Those tears will be about missing, acceptance, happiness, sadness, one less, innocence/naivety lost, appreciation, remembrance.

p.s.(There is a little butterfly flying around outside the window right by where I am writing this, Lola says Hi!)

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