Friday, November 27, 2009

Lesson learnt, but OUCH!!

I have heard theories like this thrown about before and not paid them much heed. Nothing surprises me now though.
I spent all of yesterday at work trying to find the smallest excuse to just go home. I didn't want to be there, my head wasn't in the right space, I felt low. I didn't have any particular reason that I could pin this feeling too so I just kept going through the day daydreaming of being in the sanctity of my home, particularly my bed. The thought of burying my head in my pillow curled up under my covers seemed like heaven.
At 6am this morning I rolled over in bed and somehow I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder. Despite all my plans of visiting people today and running around all over town, I have spent the entire day in bed dosed up on painkillers unable to do a thing!
Interesting huh! Did my subconscious make this happen to force me to take this time out from... well everything?

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Tina said...

Ouch!!! I am sorry you are stuck in bed, but I hope you are able to enjoy your time while you have to be down. xx