Friday, November 20, 2009

A greater purpose, if you will

Do you ever feel like there is something big you have to do but you just havn't figured out what it is yet? I have this feeling in my heart right now. It is so strong I can barely think of anything else. I feel like I am just on the edge of discovering what it is, like it is on the tip of my tongue. Do you ever feel like this too?

Image: The Edge


ForeverElliot'sMommy said...

Yes and sometimes the feeling is almost overwhelming...I believe we will discover what it is when it's time....

Amanda said...

I always feel that way. It drives me forward and stops me from stagnating and letting life pass me by. I try to harness it and discover the path I must follow and I feel that the force gets stronger with every passing year.
It's all about (I believe) stepping out of the darkness and into the light, wherever that light chooses to shine.
So, I get what you mean lovely lady, I really do.

Melissa said...


and I always always feel like I have forgotten something. Like left something behind. I can't help it..