Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's up buttercup?

Making: Christmas decorations with Lola embroidered on them for the grandparents.

Made: Pretty dress for my neice and birthday cakes galore

Attempting: Fabric Dollhouses

Random act of kindness: Cupcakes for my husbands workmates and a couple of other secret ones

Thinking: Of Lola on the 6 month anniversary of her death

Wishing: My Mother-in-law and my neice a happy birthday

Hoping: to find a way to make peace with Lola's death

Dreaming: of our summer holiday by the beach

Questioning: the meaning of all this. What is the point when our lives can be taken away so easily? I mean life is good and all but it is gone in the blink of an eye

Watching: Up

Recently discovered: Kikki k (I know I am slow on this one but OMG so many cute present ideas) and Provincial, I want the whole shop as my house!

Appreciating: my family and some super special friends

Looking forward: to our first crafternoon

Inspired by: Pip Lincolne and Sheye Rosemeyer

Wishing: For happiness not tinged with sadness and guilt

Waiting: for an email from a clairvoyant. (I am driving myself crazy checking my email every other mintue)

Realising: I need help to work through the darkness

Wanting: all those in my life to smile and love and laugh and appreciate and I want to be a better person

Playing: Hooky on thursday from work because it is the 6 month anniversary of Lola being born still. We are going to the chapel where her funeral was held for some peace and perspective

Loving: unleashing my creativity

Not loving: negativity and nastiness

Thanking: those people brave enough to witness my pain for a moment in their day. Your generosity in putting yourself in my shoes for just a moment is AMAZING


angie said...

crafternoon is just a perfect phrase. adding coffee behind it, or tea, might be the only thing that could enhance it.

The dress is beautiful.

I found six months to be particularly painful and difficult, so sending you much grounding and love as you move through this week.


PS. I am also waiting for an email from a clairvoyant...excited about that!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to say:

What a lovely way to organise a post.

Will be thinking of your especially over the next wee while.


Anonymous said...

Kris, yours and Bren's strength amazes me, you have overcome some very big obstacles and did it with the strength of a bull (though you may not see it) and you are taking each day a step at a time. The dress would be worn daily if allowed (needs time for a wash though) and the cake was pretty special and OMG yummy!!!

You are both doing a great job, and we are always here for you. All you have to do is call x
K,M,B,M,L x