Monday, January 31, 2011

A Big Change

It's starting this week, the thing I have been dreading all summer, the start of school.

This week my little boy is gaining a lot more independence and the separation from us begins!

It all sounds melodramatic doesn't it? But this little person has been with me Everyday for the last 5 and a half years apart from the 2 days a week of Kinder. Now, he will be out 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year.

It marks a huge change in lifestyle for a family. I feel excited, scared, sad and energized by this beginning.

I will need tissues on Friday (and I'll be taking a few extra for Brendon)

P.S. I loathe contact!

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Anna said...

Starting school is SUCH a big milestone! I can remember holding it in for Ryley's first day while I was at the school, but totally bawling my eyes out in the car on the way home. Prep kids still just seem so small!
I hope Jackson has a wonderful day and that you don't need too many tissues!