Monday, January 24, 2011

I Have Long Showers.

I realised tonight, when having my second shower for the day, that THIS is the time I give myself to think about Lola. It's not a conscious thing, I just realised tonight that it is what I do. I am not thinking of her every moment of every day but I always spend the entire time I am in the shower thinking of Lola.
Tonight I found myself thinking of the number four. That while Lucy has taken us a long way along that road to healing, I want four. My body bears the scars of four babies, I want four babies. I momentarily considered us having another but deep down I know it's not about the number of kids I have, it's never going to be enough, my missing baby will always be missing.

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jen said...

I just stumbled on your blog through a string of many. I take long showers too, this all sounds so familiar. I lost my daughter last March, very similar to your story. I usually use my time in the shower to cry. I just wanted to say that you are so brave for sharing your story.