Thursday, January 6, 2011

Turned the corner

Yep! You read that right, we have definitely turned a corner.

Lucy is all kinds of amazing, she is a very easy baby to look after (now that she is back to thriving), or maybe it is that this is my 3/4th time around. Probably a bit of both I think.

I am loving all the things that were stressful the first and second time around. I love night feeds in bed with Lucy, I love that Millie crawls in to our bed every night, I love all the little baby clothes I have to wash, I love my appointments at the Maternal and Child Health Nurse, I love carrying her around in my sling, I love the way she is always changing, I love trying to make her smile, I love watching Jackson and Millie compete with each other to get a smile from her. Every day just gets better than the last.

I am excited by the start of a new year and it has been a turning point for me. It marks the end of three years of pregnancy and labour, that period of my life is done now. Every day feels like a big sigh of relief that I can just get on with my life with my intact family (as intact as it will ever be anyway). I still feel sadness but more than that now I feel more at peace with the hand we have been dealt. While I wish every day that Lola was here too, I also feel grateful to her that we have Lucy.

This new year is going to be full of big changes for us I believe. My big boy will be starting school, Millie is starting at a new creche and both Brendon and I are hoping for change in our working lives. At this early stage I feel full of energy and excitement for the year ahead.

So welcome to a new chapter in our lives. I am hoping there will be less tears than the last, less sad tears anyway!


Melissa said...

lovely to read beautiful. <3 xx

gayle said...

I smiled a lot whilst reading that post. So very glad that you are happy. :)

sofrenchysochic said...

Beautiful post, gorgeous pics. xx