Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

For me? Why Thankyou! You are so very kind! And I feel honoured that you like my blog!
My friend, Megs, tagged me with a Beautiful Blogger award which I am pretty chuffed about but you know what is even more exciting than that? She had a baby yesterday! I cant wait to hear the details. You should check out her blog too, it is really pretty and the next post is bound to be wonderful!

So part of the award is that I need to share 7 things that you may not know about me, here goes;

1. I moved to Melbourne 7 years ago! (WOW, I cant believe it has been that long!) I moved from Perth, my home town. I adore Melbourne and doubt I will ever move back.

2. I have had to go to court once. I had to testify against a housemate I had when I first moved to Melbs. I only lived in the house for 6 months and I moved out because that particular housemate was pretty awful (Oh the stories I could tell you about her!). I had one other housemate too (she was lovely) in that house. We both had to testify against her as she put in a fake insurance claim saying the house we lived in had been robbed. It was a very icky experience!

3. I worked at Hungry Jacks when I was 15/16. I was really bad at it and always got people's orders wrong. The bosses were really mean and I felt so sick before every shift because I was so nervous about getting into trouble. I quit after 6 months.

4. Before having babies I was a youth Drug and Alcohol Clinician. I loved the job but it wasn't very conducive with having a young family.

5. Next week is our 3rd wedding anniversary. It will be our first that I am not pregnant!

6. I am turning 32 next month. Argh, how did that happen!

7. I hate watching the news! It makes my anxious.

I get to tag seven more people now , ok here goes;

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Ooh they are some of my favs, go ahead and check them out. It is a real cross-section of blogs. Lots of different, inspiring topics.


Kellyansapansa said...

I love reading these lists. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday for next month and happy anniversary for next week!

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

Ooh thanks so much for tagging me xx

Kirrily said...

Thank you Kristalee!!!!

Anonymous said...

I missed this! Thank you! xx