Friday, February 19, 2010

A change a month

The tomatoes and rosemary that we put in last month are looking fab! The strawberries not so much, pretty much dead!

Composting has been an easy change. Our friend told us that it is helpful to have two bins actually. So when one is full you can leave it to decompose and make all that good stuff and start filling the other, handy hint! So we did that this month, we upgraded our composting system. Did you know that composting is good to do even if you dont need it for your garden? I didn't know that but apparently even the natural stuff that goes to landfill has a hard time breaking down and creates Methane in the atmosphere. So composting is helpful for that and super easy too!

Also I was feeling a little uneasy about the extra water we were using to water our new plants so we bought a little mini-tank to help with that with a view to one day upgrading to a big tank.

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Kellyansapansa said...

Which composting system are you using? I want to start composting too, but I'm not really sure where to start!