Friday, February 5, 2010

What's up?

Welcoming: new readers who have found my blog this week, Hi!

Thinking: about getting crafty this weekend

Cooking: Cupcakes for a christening this weekend

Appreciating: this little reprieve from summer today

Enjoyed: searching the mountain for an op shop I have heard about even though we didn't find it. It was all foggy and a bit spooky but so pretty too.

Looking forward: to Jackson's second basketball clinic in three sleeps. Every morning he gets up and asks if it is Monday yet. ♥

Looking: for ways of increasing my income without too much more time away from the kidlets. (Anyone need a Primary tutor?)

Loving: getting two blogging awards in one week!

Planning: A dinner out with friends (if we can all co-ordinate schedules!)

Listening: out for Bren to get home so we can start our weekend

Trying: so hard to stick to weight watchers even though losing weight is soo slow these days.

Wondering: what to do with the 'cute as' fabric I found this morning for a bargain price.

Thinking: How thoughtful my friend Melissa was for gifting our family with little wooden name puzzles, including Lola ♥

Hiding: from the world lately in our little sanctuary at the bottom of the mountain.

Happy: to have been married to my husband for 3 years now.

Thanking: my lucky stars that I found this medium to realise the thoughts my mind is working overtime to create

Frustrated: at the spaghetti sauce dried onto Millie's face that she wont let me clean. She is the same hue as an oompa loompa!

Wishing: I had a crystal ball that allowed me to see what is in store for us.

Feeling: a little melancholy today, Lola was born exactly 9 months ago.

Hoping, Hoping, Hoping


Melissa said...

Thinking of you always..

love you beautiful girl xxxxx

Kellyansapansa said...

What a lovely post.

Maggie said...

Thinking of you. I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog Hi! :)