Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I went to see a new doctor today, a female doctor.
I really liked her.
I made her cry.
Which made me like her even more.
Is that bad?

I went to see her about an unrelated matter and had planned on not saying anything about Lola as I am not in a good place at the moment and I knew if I did tell her then I would cry. But I had to mention I'd had a baby 8 months ago and then she asked if I was breastfeeding. So it came up. And I did cry. And she cried as I told her. I have seen a lot of doctors in the past two years of my life and it has been rare for a doctor to show any feeling. I understand this, they have a job that could be much harder if they didn't desensitise themselves from stories such as mine. BUT jeez it was good to find myself today sitting in front of a doctor who was also a woman and also a mother.


Puggie said...

I'm glad you found her, Kristalee :) You deserve to be as loved, nurtured and supported as possible - and a Dr who cries with you is a good start towards providing you with that empathetic care.

Kristalee said...

Thanks lovely xx

Jenn said...

Tears of empathy are a good thing... they say "my heart breaks for you" and other caring things... xxx

Davina said...

need a 'like' button! xx

Anonymous said...

Is this the Doctor you spoke to me about? Either way, I'm so very glad you have finally found someone special. She sounds wonderful and just right for you x x x

Kristalee said...

Perhaps searching but I dont know who you are? hehe I have a few ideas but I dont know for sure!