Friday, January 29, 2010

The unbeatable lovliness of friends

Not just any friends but those friends who have been there with you for most of your life. Through all the ups and downs. I have two friends like this. Davina and Nicole. They have been with me forever and I believe they always will be. They live on the other side of Australia to me, in the last twelve years we have only lived in the same city for 4 years. But it does not seem to matter how far away we are from each other, our bond is unbreakable.
When Lola died they decided they would be at her funeral. They have three kids each so it was a mammoth task in itself to make a last minute dash across the country. Lola's funeral was to be held on monday morning and they were leaving Perth at midnight on the Sunday night, arriving in melbourne in the early hours of the morning. When they arrived at the airport on Sunday night they were unable to board their flight. They spent the night in the airport unable to get on another flight until Monday morning. To late to make it to Lola's funeral. They came anyway. They arrived on my doorstep Monday afternoon. When I opened the door to them we all just burst into tears, all three of us. I was so touched that they went through all that and came anyway. I had 24 hours with them before they had to get on a plane and go back home. I think it was so amazing that they did that for me. I will never forget it. I love them, my lifelong friends.

p.s. I had lots of family make the trek over from Perth for the funeral, I was really overwhelmed by how supported we were by our friends and family from all over. Thankyou to everyone who was there for us, in person and in thoughts xx

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Davina said...

Awwwwww *sniff*
Love you too!
Can't wait to come see you, its on the cards... V soon. As soon as I can sneak another weekend away ;)