Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am trashing my body at the moment.

Booze, fat, sugar, caffeine

My new mantra as of tomorrow

'My body is a temple'

No but seriously, it is out of control and I have to focus on getting healthy ASAP

Salad, vegetables, water and heaps of excercise. I have to, I really, really do.

It all starts tomorrow

'My body is a temple'.

One of my goals for 2010

Give me strength!


Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a bit the same way after the Christmas that never seemed to end (at least, never seemed to end up with an empty fridge!) I used to go on big guilt-trips after a bout of unhealthy living but now I just think of it as natural - my body is now telling me it'd like some balance back and I'm craving healthy food. Without the imbalance, would we be able to appreciate balance? I don't know.
Anyway, good luck on your healthful journey. Growing your own food sounds like an incredibly healthy thing to do!

Puggie said...

My body is also a temple. I am thinking Mayan. You know - huge and in ruins :P

Seriously, though - way to go!