Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goals, goals goals

I have a few goals for this year. I am only just starting to get the ball rolling but, hey, better late than never!

The first one I wrote about in my last post.

My second goal: I want to work towards holding a market stall with all my own handmade kids stuff. I was planning on doing this in the first few months of the year but have been rethinking this the last few days. Anyway, my goal is to, sometime this year, hold a stall at the Camberwell market.

We also have a family goal, one change a month towards a more sustainable lifestyle. I think that is doable. I was given a really great book for my birthday last year called 'A slice of organic life'. It is full of things you can do (small and big) towards changing to a better way of living. We started on this goal yesterday. We have planted strawberries, tomatoes and rosemary plus we have started composting. Hey, we are starting small and really, small changes are better than no changes, right? We do have bigger goals for later on in the year (cause they cost a bit to implement). Oh and we have signed up to Freecycle which could help us reach those goals sooner with any luck.

My final goal is to find the courage to get through another pregnancy.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2010? I'd love to hear about them ♥


angie said...

Very good goals. This year I would like to be more dedicated to planting a garden. I always start and then lose steam in the weedy months. Also, to be more forgiving and compassionate.

Kristalee said...

Good luck with your gardening Angie. We are total novices so I am hoping we manage to wing it!. Thanks for sharing your goals with me xx

Snickerdoodle said...

I think your goals sound great :)

Funnily enough, I share some goals similar to you! My first is to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle (our vegetable seeds just arrived in the mail today!) and to sell some of the handmade kids's stuff I make : )

Anonymous said...

I love your goals, especially the last one. When you get all famous and stuff for designing your beautiful children's clothing, can we get a discount??? I love your made-with-love outfits, and love seeing the girls in them x x x

Jesse said...

Yay! Great goals!

I planted some corn and eggplant (go me!) and am feeling very earth mother haha!

Let me know when you are doing your Camberwell Market stall, I will be there with bells (and clothes) on!

My goal is to move upward in my career. and save money. and get through 2010 in a better state than 2009.

Kristalee said...

Wow heaps of people trying the growing your own food thing, I'd love to hear how everyone goes with it and see the yummy results!

I am thinking maybe November Jesse just before chrissy and gives me loads of time to make heaps of stuff.

Oh my poor long-suffering family being gifted with my handmade clothes, I'll get back to you on the discount ; ) xxx

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

My goal is to finally get the body my 30 year old self deserves and the energy levels my toddler deserves - so no sabatouging here.

I am also going to go and do a photography course - I was so inspired by all the places we saw.

Good luck with your goals

megs said...

My goal is to have a happy year! We are growing our own herbs, tomatoes and capsicums. Moving onto carrots and zucchinis next.
I also want to learn to sew - got a sewing machine for Christmas but not sure I will have the time this year...maybe I'll make it a 5 year plan!
Good luck with your goals! I have no doubt you can achieve all of them.xo