Wednesday, July 8, 2009

As promised...

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the bunkbeds my clever husband was making for jackson and promised a picture of the finished product. I think they look great and they are soo sturdy they are not going anywhere for a long time. I dont let Jackson sleep up the top, they are too high and he is too little. He adores his new bed though and can often be found hiding under the covers of the top bunk!

My children are loving the camera at the moment!

Jackson's old bed was a very cute little toddler bed. When we moved his new bed in to his room the plan was to move the toddler bed into Millie's room. This meant moving Lola's cot out of the room. This is a job I was really dreading. It turned out to not be as difficult as I imagined. I think because there wasn't a big gaping hole where Lola's cot was, we put the toddler bed there. It's strange how some things I anticipate are going to be very difficult turn out to not be so bad and then sometimes grief turns up in unexpected places and knocks the wind right out of me. Just because I want to remember, here are some pictures of 'the girls' room. It can look much prettier than this but I didn't fix it up before taking the pictures, I wish I had but anyway!

I am having a wonderful week with my Aunty and Cousin. They have taken Jackson to the movies (god help them) and Millie is asleep so lucky me gets some precious time to myself, LOVELY. We are planning a trip to the snow on Friday and we are all soo excited!

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