Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm hungry!

Um if I hear those words one more time today I am going to ... scream? take a few deep breaths? I dont know, something irrational!

My kids are hungry ALL the time. "Well feed them" I hear you say. Believe me, I do! It would seem that their hunger is insatiable. Every time he has said this today (many times) I have found something else for him to eat, 5 minutes later he wants more. I made him and Millie huge platters of food for lunch with lots of different things to eat. 5 minutes later "I'm hungry"! I am quickley running out of ideas. I remember someone telling me once that hungry kids can be a sign of worms, hmm might have to look into that.

So anyway, yesterday was much the same in terms of insatiable hunger and lets just say my patience was running thin by the end of the day. Then after bathtime Jackson came up to me and gave me his 'Little Miss Sunshine' book and said "Mummy this is for you because you are little miss sunshine." OK, I think I disagree with you on that one BUT you are the sweetest little person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!! I (a tad smugly) retold this story to Brendon and he informed me that Jackson had given him the 'Mr Cool' book with the same message about Brendon being Mr cool. Ha! Again I dont think so, but isn't our little guy so sweet!! (only joking Bren you are super cool!)


Anonymous said...

So very cute Kris, insatiable hunger could also be growth spurt, so don't go worming them just yet :)

Davina said...

Aww he is an angel... so much nicer than Ebbie after tea today "you know you just don't know NOTHIN' mum" ... err ok.... since when did she turn 13!!

Kristalee said...

Does it hurt them to worm them if they dont have worms? Could be a growth spurt I suppose although I thought up another theory today because we were at the zoo all morning and they didn't say it once! Maybe they are eating cause they are bored?

That is pretty cute coming from a 4 year old though Davina ; ), anything coming out of her mouth is cute!