Sunday, July 26, 2009

Move over Fergie

Last night Bren and I had a lovely grown up dinner with lovely friends in a lovely restaurant, it was a whole lot of lovely! One of these lovely friends, M, was looking especially beautiful last night. She told us about how she has been working really hard and lost some weight with weight watchers.
On the other hand, while getting ready to go out last night, I put on my favourite dress but just couldn't wear it as I look at least 6 months pregnant in it and so had to hang it back up in the wardrobe. I can see you mentally connecting the dots here! So YES, my friend inspired me to join up with weight watchers today. Fingers crossed for me that my pregnant looking belly disappears!


sofrenchysochic said...

All the best! I too have been staring in dismay at the size of my stomach over the weekend. Clothes that I thought would fit, just, well, didn't. I was being really focused and "good" up until a stressful period recently, and I have decided to get back into it first thing tomorrow. Good luck, keep us updated! :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you!! You can be my inspiration!!!

Kristalee said...

Good luck so frenchy so chic!

I will keep you updated (as long as there is good news to update you with ; )!