Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fifteen Facts

hmm hard one, Can I think of fifteen facts about me that others might find interesting enough to read in order to participate in this weeks Blog this challenge?

1. I owe $25 000 in HECS debts (OMG), I just received my statement in the mail the other day. My husband had no idea and nearly fell over when he saw that. What do I have to show for it - 2 1/2 degrees, one in Social Sciences, one in Education and 1/2 a degree in Adolescent Health and Welfare!

2. I adore musicals! any musical! I want to be in a musical! I also LOVE those very tragic dance movies that come out every now and again. They make me want to dance again. (Just add bubbles and I think I am the STAR of a musical or dance movie, unfortunately there is some very scary video footage floating around to prove this!)

3. I dont like anything 'cutting edge'. Not technology, design, fashion or music. I love everything that is old, classic, vintage, pre-loved.

4. My favourite pair of shoes at the moment are my... wait for it

GUMBOOTS! $20 from Bunnings and I love them!

5. I only like even numbers and I think that is why I am having a bad luck year this year, because it is 2009! I cant wait for next year.

6. I only like round, curly and whimsical shapes in design. I dont go for anything square or pointy with a hard edge.

7. To help me get to sleep at night I day/nightdream about what i would do if I won Tattslotto.

8. At the moment I am coveting a new kitchen, at the very least a new floor for my kitchen. I want floorboards, at the moment I have black tiles and they are a nightmare!

9. Last year I very nearly died. We were staying at a caravan park in the Barmah forest with no mobile coverage. I was 4 weeks post-partem and had a massive Haemorrhage. My mother-in-law rushed me to the nearest hospital about 1/2 an hour away. Brendon was out on the boat so had no idea any of this was happening, when we arrived at the hospital he was greeted by a doctor telling him how lucky he was to still have me as they very nearly lost me. I lost consciousness just as we arrived at the hospital and I remember being really annoyed as I was coming to as I was having a really amazing dream. I later found out that when you lose consciousness you experience a feeling of elation, I think that must be what I was feeling.

10. After the above experience I decided that I wanted our family to be able to have holidays whenever we want so we went out and bought a caravan. We LOVE holidays by the beach, we live for them!

11. Our family recently moved (8 months ago) from an inner-city Melbourne lifestyle, living in a small 2 bedroom unit (4 of us) to a 1000m2 block in an outer Melbourne suburb with a big 4 bedroom house. It was the best move we ever made and I love our new life out here. We have amazing views of Mt Dandenong, heaps of room inside and out. The best thing is the difference in traffic. The slow moving traffic used to drive me crazy when we lived in Hawthorn!

12. Pre-babies I worked as a youth Drug and Alcohol clinician. It was an awesome job but too hard with small children as it was shift work. Plus I didn't have the emotional commitment to the job anymore, my babies got the best of me.

13. My first kiss was with a famous racing car driver. He wasn't then of course! My family love to tease me about this and I find it terribly embarrasing every time it is mentioned.

14. My dream for my family is that old cliche of packing up our life and travelling around Australia for an extended period of time, teaching my children by having amazing experiences, seeing things for themselves up close and meeting fascinating people with awesome stories to tell.

15. I LOVE Blogging! It is my support group, my counselling, my outlet! Thanks for reading xx


carly_grace said...

i will probably owe just a little bit less than you after 3 years of study in education. i have a scholarship that is meant to pay for it but i ahem use it for other purposes like my shopping sprees :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love your list!
I daydream to get to sleep too! But not about lotto, I would get too excited if I was thinking about winning lotto and I wouldn't be able to sleep!

Bethwyn said...

My SIL told me the other day her HECS is something like $60k, so it could be worse!

Thanks for sharing :)

Brenda said...

I love blogging too!