Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have you ever

made a hot chocolate with as many marshmallows as you could possibly fit on top? You should try it, it is YUMMO (and probably the reason I still look pregnant rather than the recent pregnancy, how long can I get away with using that as an excuse?)

I made a very exciting purchase today (while out shopping for the billion birthdays coming up in July)

watch this space for my first finished project!

You can buy the book here


megs said...

Do you follow the blog? It's fantastic - very inspiring! There is a link on my blog (in the blogs I follow column) if you're interested. Can't wait to see your first project!

onesmallchicken said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Pip after having a lengthy convo with her partner Cam at "Meet me at Mikes" on Brunswick St, she's a lovely chick, we bonded over crafty things and our children and then she invited me to become a Brown Owl (crafters club)...i was very excited particularly because it's sooooooo hard to get into, mind you, i still haven't heard from her...bugger...i just got a crochet set for my b'day that i have no idea how to use!
Have fun crafting!
PS..thanks for your lovely b'day message.

Kristalee said...

ooh thanks for the tip on the blog Megs.

Liv you might get some frantic calls from you when I get stuck! Your my crafty guru. I hope you had a great day yesterday xxxx

Kristalee said...

that was meant to be calls from ME! Cant wait to see what you create with your crochet set x