Thursday, August 6, 2009


I cant tell you how devastated we are feeling right now. As the hours go by the sadness and missing grows. I didn't expect to be thrown right back into that pain we first felt three months ago. Knowing that Lola's death wasn't inevitable, that she was very nearly healthy and beautiful and in our arms were it not for some easily made but stupid decisions is breaking our heart.

Mad World by Gary Jules


sofrenchysochic said...

I have no words. Thinking of you and your family K.

Nicole said...

I'm so sorry hun - it must be so hard for you, knowing just that...

Please be kind to yourself.

Thinking of you & your family.

You can find me on , or *WishingUponAStar* on the forum.

Lots of hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kris, we are so sorry, not sure what else we can say except we are always here for you should you need us and we are always thinking of you all. My heart broke again for you when I read your txt, of all the answers to get, I'm sure this one was the least expected and hardest to hear.
x x x

megs said...

All my love. xxoo