Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where I am at

I really liked this list from Pip over at Meet Me at Mikes from last week and since there is lots of things swimming around my head but not much specific, I thought I would revisit it!

Making : plans for starting my own business
Cooking : my husband a simple dinner of chops and veggies at his request
Drinking : maybe a glass of wine with friends tomorrow night
Reading: Frankie and mixtape zine (both arrived this week)
Wanting: someone else to decide pavers or decking for our patio (and to do all the hard work!)
Looking: for a sign from Lola that she’s ok for us to have another baby
Playing: phone tag with my friend
Wasting: money on cars (still grr about that)
Sewing: maybe this mumu into a skirt for me or something for the dress-up box. It is a great colour but synthetic fabric is not so nice, hmm can’t decide!

Wishing: that I could have learnt these lessons without the pain
Enjoying: exploring the nearby mountain: cafes, shops, crafty delights, parks, hidden picnic spots
Waiting: for an appointment with a ‘top of his game’ obstetrician
Liking: Colouring in books for adults by Maria Rozalia Finna, super cute (loving the t shirts too!)
Wondering: if we will ever know the truth
Loving: my husband, he is a good sort
Hoping: my dream will soon be a reality
Marvelling: at the chocolatey goodness of dark chocolate tim tams
Needing: time, never enough time!
Smelling: our freshly washed clothes
Wearing: pre-preggo jeans (YAY)
Following: the weather (I LOVED the big storm the other night and the 7 hour blackout, seriously!)
Noticing: jackson is suddenly concerned about drawing things properly
Knowing: a mothers instincts are usually spot on!
Thinking: people are beginning to think that I should stop mentioning Lola's name, now that it has been nearly 4 months. I have noticed a couple of people recoil at the mention of her, like maybe enough is enough. I cant help it though she is still so much a part of my day to day life.
Bookmarking: Australian fabric designers
Opening: bills (BORING)
Giggling: at Millie’s stubbornness about going to sleep, she is banging her feet on the wall and yelling things out at me, like bum! Goodness knows who taught her that!
Feeling: grateful for all that is good in my life


Davina said...

Love hearing about all these things that you are up to and thinking about. Need to chat so I can fill in the lines though :)

Everyone loves hearing Lola's name, she is your baby girl and always will be. Plus its just the cutest doll name ever so who wouldn't like to hear it?
Miss you guys.

megs said...

I'm with Davina;

Keep saying her beautiful name as much and as long as you would like to I reckon!

Love this list! You might see one quite like it pop up on my blog one of these days...xx

Anonymous said...

Don't EVER stop saying her name, she is still a big part of your life, and you have every right to say her name as often as you want. I LOVE hearing you say LOLA LOLA LOLA!!! Your doing what you do, and there is nothing wrong with it!!! Don't beat yourself up. Your an inspiring woman, and Lola is a beautiful little princess who should have her name sung from the mountain tops x x x

Lover of Little Things said...

Ditto ditto ditto! LOLA LOLA LOLA!!! L-O-L-A LOLA!

I don't believe that anybody would think enough is enough, if anything, they're probably still saddened by your loss and the loss of not getting to know her... i know i am.