Monday, August 3, 2009

The mind of a four year old?

Hmm Jackson just asked me the strangest question. I cant quite work out where he was coming from. He just walked into the office with a space book in his hand. The book was open to a page that had a big picture of a planet on it. Jackson asked 'Is this the earth when Lola died?' I had to ask him to repeat the question a few times as I didn't understand. I said 'Yes'. I didn't know what else to say but he was happy with that answer. Then as he was walking back towards the playroom he turned back and said 'It's just there to show us what it looked like isn't it?'


Lover of Little Things said...

Thinking of you all lots, Big Love and lotsa fat hugs... always, but especially for tomorrow. XXL

sofrenchysochic said...

Sounds like he is a thinker, probably trying to get his head around something that he can't quite understand.

Must be nice to see that Lola is on his mind, even though his comment is a bit quizzical!

All the best for tomorrow. :)


Liv said...

Aww, poor wee guy is trying to work it all out.
Best wishes for tomorrow x

Chantelle said...

My heart aches. He is so sweet, and life is so unfair. xx