Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inspired by Lola

Pre lola days there were many things I 'planned' or 'aspired' to do however more often than not I just never got around to it. Now in post lola days I have found I have a lot more drive to achieve things. Admittedly they are only small things but it is a definate change in me, less talking, more doing!
One such thing is using my sewing machine to 'make stuff'. I have been a busy little bee over the past couple of weeks making presents for the little people in my life. One of those little people had her birthday party today so I can share the fruits of my labour with you tonight. I was pretty proud of the end result given I am fairly new to this crafting business. I have included one of my pretty little princess modelling the finished product just because it is so cute!

She is pretty cute hey! The next shot is of that pretty little princess having a little tantrum! This photo was taken by her big brother. Probably not so cute to everyone else (always cute to me) but pretty funny!

This particular little tantrum was because I tried to take that little pink knitted cardigan off her because it was quite a bit too small. Anyway she ended up wearing it for the whole party! It really just wasn't worth the tears ; )


Lover of Little Things said...

Well done! Very cute indeed...Do you make them in an adult size 12??? Ahhhh Ha ha....that would be a vision!....and i know i would be pretty peeved if my mum tried to take my favourite cardie off me right before a party!! But yes, she's still very adorable.

May the Lovely Lola continue to inspire.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

And the photo of trantrum is great. I don't think it was worth trying to get it off either. :)

Also, just wanted to add that I am thinking of you and DH tomorrow (I think?) at the hospital for the autopsy results. Take care of each other.

Jessica said...

You are a clever cookie !! I don't think I have ever seen Miss Millie throw a tanty, she still looks adorable though :-)
Thinking of you guys this week,
Jess x

megs said...

Very cute! What a beautiful haircolour too!

Thinking of you tomorrow. xx

Mel said...

The outfit is gorgeous, well done and thanks again!! Can't wait to see the birthday girl in it. And how cute does your in-house model look in it?!
God , I love those tantie shots - Millie looked SO cute at the party and I thought the cardi was meant to look like that! Haha!
Bless her, 1 and a half and already challenging you on fashion decisions :P

sofrenchysochic said...

Awww look at that sad mouth! I don't blame her, I love the cardi too. ;) hehe

Love the singlet and clip, they are gorgeous. I don't sew because I can't, and every attempt gets worse than the last so I admire anyone who can handle a sewing machine. Would love to see more of what you make!

Leanne said...

Very cute outfit. You are very clever.

Millie looks so cute having her tanty. If she takes after her cousin T when it comes to clothes you are never going to win the battle!!

Lots of Love to you all xxxx

mand said...

Nice that she loved the cardi so much. ;0)

The same happened to me after Owen died, not sewing but exercising and taking stuff like that seriously, which had never been 'me' before. I thanked Owen for my new fit body!

It was a busy-busy time in my life, loads of de-cluttering etc. Just remember to take rest, even when resting allows the pain a foothold.

I too have a sewing machine that i keep meaning to do useful things with... well done, you.