Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Secret

Once upon a time in the middle of winter the sun decided to shine bright and warm in the skies of Melbourne. The lovely sunny day inspired a brother and sister called Jackson and Millie and their Mummy and Daddy to explore the mountain so close to where they live. Jackson and Millie found a wonderful park with lots of new, fun things to play on. While the children were playing their mummy spotted a bridge hidden among the trees around the edge of the playground.
The family all held hands, and when nobody was looking, they sneakily went walking through the trees being as careful and quiet as possible, until they reached the bridge. While standing on the bridge the family looked around and realised they had found something special. Below the bridge was a busy, babbling creek, beyond the bridge was secret pathways, secret tunnels, secret staircases and the most exciting part of all... a little hut hidden amongst the scrub.
The family, again all holding hands and using their most quiet voice (which only those within a 1km radius could have heard) excitedly and maybe a little apprensively, approached the hut. When they reached it and walked inside they saw that it was much bigger than they first realised. Inside was a lovely big picnic table and chairs and a boarded up fireplace. The family sat at the table and dreamed of parties and picnics they could have in the secret hut hidden among the trees.
After a few minutes (or maybe it was hours) of playing in the secret hut hidden among the trees on the mountain, Jackson and Millie's mummy and daddy realised it was beginning to get dark and the warm, sunny day was becomming a cold and windy winter night. The family quietly and carefully made their way back to the playground making an extra special effort to ensure that nobody saw them leaving the cover of the trees so that their special secret place would stay a secret.
In the car on the way home the family decided that they were each allowed to tell only one person about their special secret place. You are so very lucky because I have chosen to tell you!


Leanne said...

wow!! What a magic day. I feel very lucky that you chose to tell me about this magic place and I hope you will take me there next time I visit. Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses to you all xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds delightful, what a wonderful day. I hope your secret stays safe forever. Thinking of you all x x x