Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where I am at

Making : a skirt for Millie using fabric from an old skirt of mine
Cooking : mushroom fritatta (power lunch)
Drinking : H2O
Reading: Marching Powder
Wanting: Lola Freedom from Belle and Boo Still havn't got around to buying it!
Looking: for a pot for my peace lily
Playing: Lover of little things playlist
Wasting: money on fixing cars (boring)
Sewing: things for little people
Wishing: things could have been different
Enjoying: my limited days as a stay at home mum
Waiting: for Millie to wake up so we can go shopping
Liking: playsuits for summer
Wondering: if someone will comt to the Rose st market with me on the weekend
Loving: spending days with friends
Hoping: I can turn my ideas into reality
Marvelling: at the kindness of friends
Needing: a getaway
Smelling: the roses
Wearing: teal
Following: my friends blogs
Noticing: cherry blossoms beginning to flower
Knowing: we are getting through these tough times and all will be well
Thinking: of a coffee in the very near future
Bookmarking: fabric wholesalers
Opening: school prospectus's
Giggling: at jackson putting a pen in the front of his shirt walking into Millie and saying "Millie this is integanisaring" (pretending to be a businessman maybe?)
Feeling: like I want to be pregnant again, dont worry it's not going to happen anytime soon!

From Meet me at mikes


Anonymous said...

I'm getting such a positive vibe from this post Kristalee. You're amazing, so busy with your crafting and creating. I love to wear teal green too!

Wishing you all good things today. x

carly_grace said...

love it!

am doing one as we speak xx

megs said...

You sound very good indeed in this post!
What are Rose St markets like? ( Sydney girl here...)

Kristalee said...

I have never been before Megs. All I know is that they are quite small and it is an artists market. Sounds lovely

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the playlist - I am really enjoying it. :)