Thursday, August 13, 2009

I like to laugh

This is going to be my regular thursday post, so I can reflect on what is good in the world. I would also very much like to hear what has made you laugh each week too, if you would like to share!

I have sat staring at my computer screen for 10 minutes racking my brains trying to think of funny moments in the last week or so and I cant think of any! I do really like to laugh and I am sure that I will laugh tomorrow with some friends I am catching up with and at a family do we have on the weekend, I'll save them for next week. So maybe my laughs for this week will have to come from you! I am sure you have laughed in the last week and I really want to hear about it!


DaniV said...

I laughed today when my 3 year old said about some junk mail we recieved "When I was little, I called this junk mail but now that I am old, I call this newspapers". I know not very funny for other people, but for me, his mother, it was a crack up.

Kristalee said...

hehehe, if he thinks he is old imagine how he thinks of us actual oldies! (So not looking forward to my kids referring to us as his 'oldies')