Monday, September 21, 2009

Can you help?

I am looking for a way to include Lola in our 'Play in the Park' day on the 4th of October. My first thought was a 'Names in the Sand' photo blown up onto a canvas. However the lovely lady who does these is not taking any more names for the moment. Another suggestion I was given was to get friends and family to take a photo that includes Lola's name, send them to me and I can arrange them in some way. I love this idea but I am not sure it can be coordinated in time.
Searching the net I found out that Butterflies are often used to represent a baby lost because they mean 'Beautiful, Fragile, Short-lived'. Using this as inspiration I am thinking maybe of a blown-up photo of a butterfly with those words and Lola's name? Or lots of cut outs of butterflies on a canvas? I am having a block on what to do for this.
Opinions, ideas are all very WELCOME!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

How about a special balloon release in her memory? Gorgeous pink balloons or any special colour. I'd love to be able to attend but we're away that weekend. It's such a wonderful idea... next year!
x x x Mary

Kristalee said...

Hi Mary,

Thankyou for your suggestion, we have a little issues with balloons outside in our family. Jackson gets terribly anxious about balloons outside in case they pop or fly away. He had a bad experience just after Millie was born. He bought her a balloon to the hospital and on the way in it flew away.
Sorry you cant make it but have a nice time away xxx