Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy, happy, joy, joy

I am feeling happy today. I am not sure why!

-could it be that the weekend is shaping up to be sunny (and bbq season is beginning)?

-could it be that I successfully made a pretty little dress for Millie?

-could it be that my husband is on holidays for two weeks starting from the end of next week?

-could it be that our Babies Day event is shaping up to be a fun day? (On sunday 4th October, put it in your diary)

-could it be that I spoke to my boss about returning to work for 4th term and the prospect is not quite as scary as I had imagined?

-could it be that Millie is finally sleeping right through the night without a bottle?

-could it be that it isn't long now until we see Chicago?

-could it be that time away alone was just what I needed?

Could it be all of these things and more? I think so friends!

Are you happy? Why are you happy?



Leanne said...

Hi Darl, It is so nice to read all your happy thoughts for today. They all made me smile and feel happy too. How clever are you making a dress for Millie. I'm sure it will make her really happy when she wears it because her mummy made it with lots of love just for her xxxx

Kristalee said...

hehe, actually she hates it! I just tried to put it on her and she screamed until I took it off!

Elizabeth said...

That's such a cute little dress!

I'm happy because A has learned to say 'Mum' finally, and she says it with this huge grin on her face! And, like you, I'm happy about the appearance of Spring! Glad to hear you're doing well xx

Chelle, Nick and Raya said...

What a lovely positive post.

I am happy because we found a house to move into her in London

Lover of Little Things said...

A lovely post Kris, am glad to hear it.

I'm happy because i have a six pack of doughnuts and a block of chocolate....i'm not sure how happy my gut and my thighs are going to be but "Live for the NOW" i say!