Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On my own

I have had a daydream for months now of disappearing into a place where there are no other people, just my family and I. We would be surrounded by trees, living completely self sufficiently with no need to venture out into the real world until we feel really ready. Going away, alone, tomorrow is the next best thing. I am heading off to Daylesford for two nights. I was going to just drive there and find accomodation on arrival but I chickened out. I spent AGES on the www today trying to find somewhere because nearly everything was booked out so I am very glad I didn't just wing it!
As soon as I had booked somewhere to stay I got butterflies in my stomach, nerves because I am a little scared of what might come to the surface during this time alone. I know it can only help me heal in the long run though.

Making : Fathers day pressies
Cooking : Nothing exciting lately (bad mummy)
Drinking : smoothies
Reading: crafty blogs
Wanting: a sign from Lola that she is nearby (I want this so badly)
Looking: forward to the rest of the week (I get back on saturday and have two parties to attend, I am very spoilt this week)
Playing: I found an old Frente cd the other day and I may have played it a couple of times. Do you remember them?
Wasting: milk because of silly milk issues I have
Sewing: I was thinking of taking my sewing machine away with me but that would kinda make me a total sewing nerd yes? no? I made a cushion last week for the couch and I have lots of pressies planned.
Wishing: Jackson would stay a lover of mummy snuggles forever
Enjoying: Jackson snuggles while they last, he is growing so quick
Waiting: for The Simpsons to finish, YAWN
Liking: the idea of a sleep-in on friday
Wondering: if I'll get lonely or enjoy the time alone
Loving: my husband and babies. I love them so much it hurts.
Hoping: My kids will always be safe and happy, I hope this every single day.
Marvelling: at how refreshing and new it can feel when spring arrives
Needing: some spending money for my trip (have I told you how many talented crafty people sell their goods in Daylesford?)
Smelling: the stink bomb that is my 4yo
Wearing: the uniform (jeans and black top)
Noticing: my floor needs a vaccumn
Knowing: My husband will cope just fine without me for a couple of days
Thinking: Of Melissa (and Owen) and hoping I can help her
Bookmarking: Fabric designers (I am obsessed)
Opening: banana lollies
Giggling: At Millie hiding behind the curtain and hearing the tiny muffled giggles that she just cant help but let out, sooo cute
Feeling: So lucky to have such lovely friends (Two such lovely friends organized a massage for me while I am away! How nice is that!)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. Enjoy your solace. Chat to you soon. Jenn xxx