Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to build a deck in a week (part 2)

Oops sorry I skipped a couple of days, our house has been madness. Poor little Millie has had awful gastro for four days now and it has pretty much rained every day so far since we started building and our backyard has turned into a mud pool. I have not been brave enough to venture out there. The moment you step out the back door your shoes become covered in clay plus it really isn't very safe for millie. Brendon has been working like a dog though, I am so impressed by his motivation to get out there and WORK every day. He has massive bruises all over himself and his knuckles are all cut up (and I was proud of one little callous!). He is doing a fabulous job!
I cant really give a gains and setbacks summary, I have no idea what they have done. I did plan on helping more but um Millie needs me (and I dont want to get clay on my shoes).

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