Tuesday, September 8, 2009

National Babies Day

Let’s spend an afternoon together

Let’s share some home baked goodness

Let’s enjoy our children

Let’s meet at a super fun park

Let’s help those who are not as lucky as we are

We will be at the Montrose Community Park (Mount Dandenong Tourist Road) on Sunday the 4th of October from 2pm and would love to meet you. Bring some food to share, if you want to. I will also have a jar to collect any spare change you may want to donate to Bonnie Babes foundation, if you want to. But, really, the point of this gathering is to remember what is important in your life.
Kristalee, Brendon, Jackson, Millie and Lola xxxx

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Leanne said...

What a lovely way to celebrate National Babies Day. Wish I could be there. I hope the sun shines brightly and that you all have a lovely time xxxx