Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If I was the ruler of the world ...

I would make the world small

-everyone would know of each other
-everyone would be fed and clothed
-everyone would care about each other
-all the children would learn together
-everyone would be happy and healthy
-the earth would be cared for

It would look a bit like this I imagine

AND most importantly babies would NEVER die before their mama's!

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megs said...

Love this post!
Thanks for your message, I am ok.
Just got a bit sick of the sound of my own voice - if that makes sense...
I hope Daylesford was helpful - and it helped to have some time alone.xx

dixiebelle said...

I always thought Papa Smurf did a pretty good job of it!

Joni said...

What a wonderful thought! Smurfville (or whatever it was called) always seemed so happy :o)

mimoo said...

What a lovely idea! I did always idolise Smurfette and her long blond hair and every other smurf was nice to her.a great world that would be

my thoughts are with you on your your last comment :-))

Sarah said...

Sounds smurf-tastic!! And totally with you on your last point.

Kristalee said...

Thankyou ladies xx