Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Todays Wrap Up

Firstly some lovely Lola pictures

This one was taken by a friend who lives in the south/west of W.A. Nearly all our family holidays when I was little were taken down there. It is far and away my most favourite part of the world. Ahh, I want to go there now!

A view

How do you feel after spending time with a group of your closest girlfriends? I always walk away from an evening/afternoon/day with them feeling so happy and lucky and inspired and excited. I had a very fun evening with a few of the girls tonight. I love that we all talk hurriedly so we can fit as much into the evening as possible and drag it out as long as we can. We make lots of plans to catch up again soon but we never see each other nearly enough. I love that I walk away from those evenings with sore cheeks from smiling and laughing so much. I love that my friends inspire me.

Tonight was even more special because it was a Meet Me At Mikes workshop. I love love love all things Meet Me At Mikes, the book, the blog and the shop. I was so excited about meeting Pip Lincoln and learning Gocco. Pip was absolutely lovely and I was completely starstruck! So silly! I really wanted to chat craft and blogs but instead came over all shy! How are you around people you admire? Hopefully braver than me!

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