Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do you have any idea

just how amazing and special these pictures you are making/taking/creating are? Let me try and explain. I have a very special wooden box that we call Lola's memory box. This is it

Inside this box is every single card, letter, trinket, gift we have been given in Lola's name. I also have in there the blanket she was wrapped in straight after birth, a copy of the music from her funeral, a copy of a newspaper from the day she was born, an album of photos from the 24 hours we had with her, some pictures Jackson drew for her among other things. All of these things are so precious to us because this is all we have to remember her by. I dont have a massive file of photo's on our computer like I do for Jackson and Millie or her favourite toy worn from being loved, or any loved clothing. All I have is that box and everything in it.

In our darkest moments of missing I touch everything in the box, read all the letters and cards, touch the gifts, look at the photo's and listen to the music. All these little things pull me through to the lighter side of that dark moment. They make me smile, they remind me. Each and every one of these photo's being sent to us now is giving us more memories to fill Lola's memory box. While I dont have photo's of Lola as she grows up, what I do have is memories of just how many people have been touched by our oh so sweet little Lola. These photo's are just priceless! Thankyou from the bottom of my broken heart!

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