Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to build a deck in a week (part 1)

Or not as the case may be! We will have to wait and see

We have been talking about building a deck out the back of our house since we moved in almost 12 months ago, and it is finally happening! We have one week to do it because we have already invited friends around for a bbq to watch the GRAND FINAL this time next week. We are doing it ourselves because it will save us about, oh, $8000!!
I will give an update of how it is going every day. These photo's are 'kind of' before shots. Can you see the nasty looking stones on the ground? The whole patio was covered in them about 5 inches deep. I spent this week shoveling them all up and moving them around the side of the house (and I have my very first little callous to prove it). Also, as you can see Brendon has started making the holes in the ground for the posts.

Summary for today:

Gains -
Trench dug from the patio out to the garage so we can run power and water up to the garage.
Holes created in the ground for the posts
Lamb Roast for dinner (clearly not part of building the deck but my contribution to todays work)

Setbacks -
Lots of rain
Trailer 'broke' under the weight of the timber Bren bought. Bren is a little sketchy on the details of exactly how the trailer 'broke'. (I think he just wants a new one)
Kudos to him for not giving up though, the rain would have been enough for me to down the tools!

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Anonymous said...

wow, it already looks so much different, could be that in those photos it ISN'T raining :)

I can't wait to see the finished product, well done Bren, (and Kris on the roast) x x x